How we love our neighbor

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Loaves & Fishes RI

This amazing nation-wide ministry started in 1998 in Austin, Texas. St. John’s was part of the beginnings of this ministry in Providence and here on the East Bay. Together with four other area churches, members of St. John’s help prepare food, organize clothing, and accompany the loaded lunch truck to areas where homeless folks congregate as well as low-income housing projects in Rhode Island. One of the joys of going out on a Loaves and Fishes RI trip, is the close personal interaction with those who are being helped. Recognition of our brothers and sisters in Christ is a powerful thing. Everyone is invited to take part.

John's Mobile Meals

This wonderfully organized group prepares and delivers meals on Saturdays to folks in Barrington and Riverside who are unable to venture from their homes for whatever reason. St. John’s shares this ministry and typically operates six-weeks on, and six-weeks off. They always welcome new cooks and deliverers!

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Rummage Sale

St. John’s annual event that attracts folks from Barrington and beyond.  Parishioners donate items they no longer need, use, or wear to be sold in locations throughout the St. John’s facility.  Field Hall houses most of our clothing and shoes, while the church school wing becomes home to housewares, children’s games and toys, and much more.

New used items and new deals...with the proceeds going toward our outreach efforts here at St. John’s.

Contact: Kristyn Whitney, 246-2165