Lifelong Learning

Find out a little more about all our opportunities to learn more about our faith, our church, and our role in the world.

Bible Studies

Monday Bible Study at noon

In this Bible Study we pick a book of the Bible and then read through it together a chapter or so each week and discuss that weeks reading together. We are currently working our way through the Gospel According to Mark. If you would like to join this group please be in touch with Fr. Patrick at for the Zoom login.

Not Your Average Bible Study

Thursday mornings at 7:30am on Zoom

Not Your Average Bible Study! Join us on Thursday mornings as we look at the upcoming Sunday's Gospel reading. If you would like to join us please be in touch with Fr. Patrick at for the Zoom login.

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Episcopal 101

Whether you have been a member of St. John’s your entire life or you’ve recently joined chances are you have some questions about the Episcopal Church and what we believe and how we worship. If you are interested in learning more about St. John’s, the Episcopal Church, and how we are called to live as followers of Jesus Christ I invite you to join us in our Episcopal 101 class. This will run again in the fall on every other Sunday at 7pm. Any adults who are interested in being confirmed or received are encouraged to take part in this class, but please know it is open for everyone regardless of how much you know or don’t know about our faith tradition. If you would like more information please talk with Fr. Patrick.

Sacred Ground

A Film-Based Dialogue Series on Race & Faith

Sacred Ground is a film- and readings-based dialogue series on race, grounded in faith.  Small groups are invited to walk through chapters of America’s history of race and racism, while weaving in threads of family story, economic class, and political and regional identity.

The 10-part series is built around a powerful online curriculum of documentary films and readings that focus on Indigenous, Black, Latino, and Asian/Pacific American histories as they intersect with European American histories.

This group began meeting in October of 2020 and will run through January of 2021. We are planning on starting up another Sacred Ground group later in 2021.

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Being Christian Book Study

Please join us as we read through and discuss former Arch-Bishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams' books Being Christian and Being Disciples over this summer. We will gather on Zoom on the second and fourth Sunday of the month at 7pm.