Baptism is the sacrament for welcoming children and adults into the Body of Christ. Through baptism, we acknowledge and celebrate God’s love and embrace; they are unconditional and absolute. Baptism is also a time when the community of faith gathers together to renew its own commitment to Christ and to support those who are being baptized in their new life in Christ. As such, the Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated in the context of the Baptismal candidate’s ongoing relationship with the community of faith and within the Eucharist as the chief service on a Sunday.

In the early Church, adult baptisms were the norm as more and more people heard and responded to the Gospel. While there are fewer adult baptisms in the Episcopal Church today, they are cause for great celebration in their witness to God’s ongoing, active presence at work among us and in their affirmation of God’s promises of new and abundant life in Christ.  We encourage adults who have never been baptized in any other church and who are exploring the Christian faith at St. John’s to discuss the possibility of baptism with the clergy.

When a child is born in the parish, it is cause for rejoicing in the entire Body of Christ.  At St. John’s, the Pastoral Care committee and the clergy are eager to support new parents.  During the pregnancy or at the time of birth, we encourage parents to contact the church.  This will enable us to begin providing support and information about baptism and nurturing your child to grow in the love of God.

Our Book of Common Prayer designates certain days in the liturgical year as being especially appropriate for the celebration of Holy Baptism.

If you would like to be baptized or to have your children baptized, please contact the clergy or Dale West. Baptisms are scheduled by contacting Parish Administrator Dale West at (401) 245-4065 or


We are happy to explore your interest in having your marriage blessed and celebrated here at St. John’s.  If your wedding takes place at St. John’s, we want you to know that our parish family will do whatever we can to make your wedding day a blessed one.

There are certain guidelines that we follow concerning marriages; many of them are required by the Canons (laws) of the Episcopal Church.  If you desire to schedule a wedding at St. John’s, we ask that you call the church office to set up a meeting with the rector to begin the process. Either the bride or the groom will need to be a baptized member of the church and counseling with a priest or a professional therapist will be required. A wedding booklet that details the process of having your wedding at St. John’s, lists the expenses, and answers most of the questions is available by contacting Parish Administrator Dale West at 401-245-4065 ext. 11 or


Funerals are also scheduled by Parish Administrator Dale West, who can be reached at (401) 245-4065 or A priest will assist family members through the entire planning process.