Liturgical Ministries

You are invited to join in any of the following Liturgical Ministries

Lay Eucharistic Minister  Attend a short training by the parish clergy and subsequently become licensed by the Bishop to help administer the chalice of wine during Holy Eucharist services at St. John’s. Typically there are two Lay Eucharistic Ministers at our 10:00 a.m. Sunday service and one at our 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Sunday services. Occasionally Lay Eucharistic Ministers are asked to assist with Funerals and Weddings.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors – Attend training at the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island and become licensed to be sent forth from a Sunday or Wednesday Eucharist with the bread and wine. As a trained Eucharistic visitor, you will share the bread and wine from that day’s Eucharist with members of the congregation who were unable to be present at the celebration of that Eucharist because of illness or infirmity.

Ushers – As an usher, you serve as the 'second tier’ of welcome for folks on Sunday mornings. A smiling face with a warm welcome should always accompany your offering of a Sunday morning bulletin to all worshipers. Ushers also pass the offertory plates, present the plates and the bread & wine for Eucharist, assist parishioners in coming forward for communion, and count the number of people at each service.

Lector – If you have a love for the story of God’s people, a desire to share it with others, and a clear speaking voice you could become a St. John’s Lector. This ministry does require that you read through the lessons for the upcoming Sunday before Sunday morning. After all, you will not simply be reading words, but the Word of God.

Intercessor – Prayer is integral part of everything we do as God’s children. Leading others in the Prayers of the People during our Holy Eucharist services is the ministry of an Intercessor. If you have a clear speaking voice and would like to pray for and lead others in prayer, this ministry is for you.

Acolyte – Become a real leader of our liturgy, as long as you are 10 years old or older. As an acolyte you will lead the processions in and out of our 10:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist service, lead the Gospel procession during the liturgy, assist with the offertory plates, and assist the clergy in the preparation of the Eucharistic altar table. As a leader of the liturgy, you will help to enhance the experience of worship for all in attendance.

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