St. John’s Memorial Garden was created in 1988 as the final resting place for St. John’s parishioners and their families who choose to be interred in a familiar and peaceful setting close to their church. In the early years of our history, church graveyards were quite common. However, as we became a more mobile and secular society, we lost this concept. Our garden offers a return to this tradition.

The Memorial Garden with its lovely plantings sits on a quiet knoll to the east of the Sunday school building. Grave sites for the interment of cremated remains are available. A plot of approximately nine square feet may be reserved. Two containers, each holding the ashes of only one person, may be buried in each plot. The purchase price of a plot, currently $2,000.00, includes an unpolished Berry Granite stone measuring 12” x 24” x 4”, engraved with the names and appropriate dates of the persons interred. Perpetual care is provided.

Memorial plaques in memory of those family members interred elsewhere are also available. Memorial plaques are made of cast bronze with raised lettering measuring 6” X 10” and are mounted on the stone walls of the garden. The current price of a plaque is $625.00

If you wish to remember a loved one in a different manner, please consider a memorial gift to provide additional plantings, benches, annual plantings and other special projects.

We encourage you to walk through the Memorial Garden and enjoy its peacefulness and quiet beauty.

A package containing detailed purchasing information is available in the church office. Members of the Memorial Garden Committee welcome the opportunity to discuss the Garden with you and answer any questions you may have concerning gravesites, plaques, or memorial gifts. Please contact: Dale West, Parish Administrator at 401-245-4065 or